My Baby Shower – Top Gift Ideas


Baby season is upon us! Is it just me or is everyone pregnant right now? (Myself included 😉) so I thought what’s a better time to put together my top picks for the best gift ideas to take to any baby shower!!


1 – Hospital Bag Organisers


If you’re anything like me and you love a practical gift than this is the perfect option. Our hospital bag organisers are the perfect choice for any mum to be. The labelled set allows them to organise their hospital bag to make their hospital stay a little less overwhelming. And more importantly make it easy for all the dad’s out there to find anything we may need as well.

Hospital Bag Organisers – $29

Make it a complete set by pairing it with our reusable hospital checklist – a must need for any mumma when packing their hospital bag.

Hospital Bag Checklist (reusable) – $19


2 – Baby’s First Hair Brush


This is not only another practical gift option that is something mum will use but also makes the perfect keepsake. Our hairbrushes are made with beautiful beechwood timber and the super soft natural goat hair bristles are perfect for baby’s fine hair and delicate scalp. Personalise the brush with baby’s name or a cute saying.

Baby’s First Hair Brush – $29.00



3 – Baby Milestone Sets


The ideal gift idea for all those budding photographer mum’s or just those mum’s who want to capture a monthly shot of their little ones. There are multiple options to choose from but my favourites include;

Hot Air Balloon Milestones – $59 Sunflower Milestones – Sunflower  – $59

Hot Air Balloon Milestones – a perfect option for all those boy mums

Sunflower Milestones – Sunflower – a great option for all those girl mums


4 – Personalised Swaddle


You can never have too many swaddles for bub and I mean NEVER. Perfect for wrapping up bub amongst a multitude of other uses. The bamboo/cotton blend makes it super soft and super lightweight to use all year around (including those summer bubs). If you know bub’s name then personalise it or pick one of the sweet sayings as an option. Perfect gift idea for that first photo to introduce bub into the world.

My top three favourites include;


Fringe Swaddle

The ideal gender-neutral option if mum doesn’t know bub’s gender and you can get matching birth disc to complete the set.

Fringe Swaddle – $39


Personalised Swaddle – Rose

The perfect deep pink colour for those girl mums.

Personalised Swaddle – Rose – $39


Personalised Swaddle – Smoke

My favourite colour option for those boy mums.

Personalised Swaddle – Smoke – $39


5 – Rattan Birth Announcement


I definitely saved my favourite gift idea for last. Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you know rattan is all the craze right now and I’m obsessed with these new products. They are a beautiful gift idea and ideal for boy or girl bubs which make it a perfect gender-neutral option. I’m already adding one of these to my shopping cart 😉

Hello World Rattan Arch – $24.00


Rattan Floral Arch Sign – $59


And there you have it! There are my top picks for the perfect gift ideas for any mum-to-be on their baby shower. Better get shopping…I know I am 😉



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